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So far, Spotify MercyMe tour 2020 continues to be cocky and smug, especially since it’s userbase approaches 100 million. In the wake of Taylor Swift’s highly-publicized holdouts, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek boasted that subscriber levels actually increased, according to all of the publicity and awareness generated. In fact, Spotify can thank Taylor for just one of the biggest subscriber gains ever.

Both articles that you ve wrote on this subject are actually very deceiving. When I first read your article The Advertising Agency for your Grammy Awards Also Promotes Piracy in Times Square I was shocked that a what are known as pro-piracy campaign could be featured in such a commercial way, until I looked at it a lttle bit further. What your article doesn’t mention is that the other part from the billboard pictured inside your first article, says Piracy is Stifling Creativity . Upon seeing the Artists vs Artists site, I watched as the different descriptions about piracy changed. Sure, at some time it says Piracy is Progress , it also says Piracy is Evil, Piracy is Robbery, and Piracy is Stealing.

I mean, has anyone added in the entire scope of music to find out how it s fared within the day of piracy? Music Industry usually means that record sales (which we know has plummeted), sometimes adds in licensing, streaming, etc. What about merch? What about concert attendance? What about touring grosses across the board? Sure folks have been conserving money on recorded music, but exactly how has the whole scope of consuming music gone?

Why do you believe it s unreasonable to ask that Youtube do something to push illegal links down the page in order that they aren t the most notable results when somebody looks for an album title, or items like Taylor Swift full album ? I don t see why that s unreasonable. These days if you do a desktop Google search for just about any artist, it returns a great deal of links to legal streaming choices on the inside card, so that they have the tech. Music videos certainly are a big chunk of Youtube s traffic, if I were in the market, I d be asking why (in your solution) I have to pay to de-prioritize links which can be illegal initially, for traffic that I m bringing to the site.

While this imaginary battle against free performance continues, other more entrepreneurial musicians are filling the gap and working out earn money as musicians these days. If you don t understand how the Oprah offer would open doors to other lucrative revenue streams, it is likely you lack the management/marketing resources to make it work. That s not something to brag about, it s a difficulty you should solve if not that debt will grow.

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