Word alternatives for propagate

This collection of synonyms site is approximately all feasible word alternatives, equivalent, identical that means as well as other phrases for that time period distributed.

Princeton’s WordNet (.00 And ballots) Price these word and phrase replacements:

distribute, scattering (noun)

process or response to releasing or stretching over the broad vista of area

difference, distributed (noun)

a noticeable inequality or distinction as in between two numbers

“gap in between income and outgo” “the spread involving loaning and applying for fees”

hacienda, propagate, cows hacienda, livestock farmville farm (noun)

farm that includes a large system of land as well as establishments required to increase issues (especially cattle)

scatter, propagate (noun)

a article haphazard submission everywhere

spread, stick (noun)

a tasty combination to become distribute on breads or biscuits or used in preparing other food

party, meal, spread (noun)

lunch that’s organized and tremendously loved

“a meal for your graduation senior citizens” “the Christmas party” “they put out a significant distribute”

distributed, distribute head, spreadhead, going through webpages (noun)

two facing web pages of a book or any other guide

the expansion of an personal circumference (specially at mid-life)

“she worked out to stop that midst-aged propagate”

bedspread, bedcover, bed deal with, sleep covering, counterpane, distributed (noun)

decorative pay for a your bed

distribute, scattering (adj)

take action of stretching out over the bigger range or area of room or time

spread, distributed (adj)

distributed or distributed over the substantial level

“has jewelry with lots of extensively distributed buddies” “11 thousand Jews are spread around during The european countries”

geared up or set up for a meal specially possessing foods put down

“a table propagate with foodstuff”

outspread, spread (verb)

totally expanded in width

“outspread wings” “with hands distributed vast”

distribute, disperse (verb)

deliver or disperse extensively

“The intruders spread their language from coast to coast”

propagate, propagate (verb)

turn into dispersed or popular

“the infection distribute” “Anticipation distributed one of many populace”

spread, overspread (action-word)

distributed throughout or older

“A big acrylic location spread throughout the water”

unfold, distributed, disseminate, open (action-word)

distributed or open up from your shut or folded point out

“open the road” “spread your arms”

move, circularize, circularise, send out, share, propagate, send out, propagate, soften, disolve, move all around (action-word)

provoke become reputed

“distributed info” “circulate a rumor” “transmitted good news”

bypass, spread, distribute (verb)

grow to be well regarded and offered

“the gossip distribute” “the storyline proceeded to go all around at work”

distribute, spread, spread (action-word)

strew or distribute around an area

“He spread plant food in the yard” “scatter playing cards across the stand”

soften, propagate, spread, supporter out (action-word)

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